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Welcome. Read here about award-winning novels and short stories by Theresa Donovan. AKA Theresa Brown. Yes, it's me! Some parts of identity cleave until eroded by legend or devoured by cormorant time (to paraphrase). So we won't worry about those eventualities. Too much going on here.

"A mind lively and at ease,
can do with seeing nothing,
and can see nothing that does not answer."
   —Jane Austen

Readers on Theresa Donovan's writing...

"Theresa Donovan is a legitimate and entertaining new voice in crime fiction."
   —John Lescroart, best-selling author

"A fully formed story, skillful writing, powerful atmosphere. The relationships were moving and believable"
   —Chitra B. Divakaruni, best-selling author

"In the best tradition of Western writers (think of Stanford's own Wallace Stegner), Brown makes us look at the landscape with heightened awareness and strengthens our resolve to protect it."
   —Marilyn Yalom, best-selling author